I’ve been working in ICT for over 20 years after graduating from Edinburgh University with a degree in IT in 2001. In the past 3 years my line of work took a swerve and I was given the opportunity to take the technical lead on our organisations SharePoint and Teams rollout. Over the last 12 months (2020 onwards) I have worked on the Power Platform and in February 2021 I attended a Global Automation Bootcamp Weekend and have been inspired to start my own learning journey online and help the Power Platform community. My hope is to build up content as I encounter new problems and build new business process solutions using the Power Platform applications in O365. I particularly like Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop.

If there is a specific business process you would like to develop and don’t know where to start or an area of Power Platform you would like me to explore no matter how big or small, please drop me a message as I love a new challenge.

Please also check out my YouTube channel as I begin to cover ideas on Power Automate Desktop and document some of the solutions I have built for the community using Power Automate.

Community Feedback where I have helped develop Power Platform Solutions and solve their problems
You’ll find me on the Power Automate Community Platform
In under 6 weeks I have solved 125 solutions, troubleshooting, explaining and developing ideas for the community

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