Experimenting with Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft give you a 12 month Azure free trial and so I thought I would have a play with some of their Cognitive Services API’s. I setup both the Face and Computer Vision Tools . The Face tool has over 1 Million people matched and has the ability […]

PowerShell Get List of Members from O365

Quite a short post really. Have you ever needed or wanted to get a list of members for an O365 Group? Then I have a simple PowerShell for that. Use the Get-UnifiedGroup CMDLet and if your sites are prefixed like mine, filter on the DisplayName. The above script […]

Power Automate meets PowerShell in Azure

I never knew how this worked or that it even existed until I attended the Global Automation Bootcamp today and saw demos by both Ben Stegink and Jaap Brasser who gave me the confidence to try building a PowerShell Azure Runbook which can be called from Power Automate […]

Changes to Stream Storage Location

Change is on the way to the Storage Location of your Stream recordings. Historically these would be available via the Stream portal but for some and soon for all, Stream recordings will be diverted to OneDrive for Business. Details of which are here. If this happens to affect […]

Microsoft Forms to PDF without Premium Actions in Power Automate

How to populate a word template using data from Microsoft Forms. No need for the Premium Word Template action as this uses a Power Automate and SharePoint Document Library Trick. Does your line of work require you to populate the same template over and over again? Maybe it’s […]

PowerAutomate Desktop – Call management made easy

Administration, argh! Any clerical task that involves logging in, searching and updating the same routine fields adds to the non productive time spent and lost every day. When a user contacts you direct with a query, if it’s a quick fix, it’s often tempting to resolve there and […]

PowerApps 4 Kids

My kids and I attended a presentation by Rory Neary and Pieter Veenstra of www.powerapps4kids.com where Pieter’s son Leo did a demo of his Planet PowerApp live on Zoom. Rory then went on to demo a 5 minute PowerApp that kids could build using sign language gifs available […]

An adoption idea? Instantly transfer an email to Teams Chat with PowerAutomate.

We’ve been using Teams in our organisation for 12 months now but it often surprises me when a colleague chooses to email me. A recent example included a group email where discussion began and before we knew it there were 10 or so replies and the ordering of […]

Hello and Welcome to my 365 Automation Journey

I’ve been working in ICT for over 20 years and in the past 3 years my line of work took a swerve and I was given the opportunity to take the technical lead on our organisations SharePoint and Teams rollout. Over the last 12 months I have tinkered […]