Populate an Excel Template (Invoice) dynamically using Power Automate

You will have probably used the Populate a Microsoft Word Template (Premium) action in Power Automate before but will be saddened to learn that Excel doesn’t offer the same functionality. Via Tables in Excel you can add and update rows in Excel but it can be quite complex […]

SUM a List of numbers in Power Automate

It might suprise you to hear that there is not a SUM function in Power Automate, if you wish to add a list of numbers you must use a variable to store the running total of a sum via apply to each using the add expression and an […]

Power Automate | Efficiently parse a CSV File to JSON without an Apply To Each

Off the back of my demo of the Union, Except, Intersept (click here) actions in Power Automate I learn’t something new. How to use the Select Action. I then began to look at where else I could use this useful action to improve upon efficiency of other processes […]

Power Automate | Efficiently perform Union, Except and Intersect

Imagine you have two datasets that you want to compare where you would like to include or exclude common or uncommon rows from each? Out of the box, the Power Automate platform allows you to compare datasets with the Union and Intersect expressions. You might require all members […]

Step by step guide to your first PAD integration with ServiceNow

I wrote a post about this recently and demonstrated how you can use PAD to close down your ServiceNow calls and potentially save yourself some admin time. I was then asked if I could do a video on how I built the solution. So, below you will find […]

Error Handling | Power Automate

You have multiple flows, they run multiple times a day and then one starts failing. Power Automate will eventually notify you that your flow has failed a few times recently and that you should take a look but how about a proactive approach to error handling? If your […]

Basic House Keeping | Power Automate

It sounds pretty obvious really, you build a solution and you give it a meaningful name or next time you return to your environment you cannot remember what on earth your automatically named flow does or what it was for? I tend to include 3 things in my […]