Mail Merge with Attachments Power Automate

Do you perform a weekly or monthly mail merge and have a requirement to send your customers a unique attachment like an invoice or personalised letter? I am going to show you how you can perform this process using Power Automate. If you have a requirement for creating […]

Parse A CSV to JSON Array in Power Automate Easily & Quickly

It’s an age old problem, you have a CSV file that you want to parse into a JSON Array and you want a single quick and easy solution to tackle the common problem. I have a solution for you to consider without using the Premium Connectors. I have […]

FormatDateTime and Formatting a String Date in Power Automate

You’ve got a date for your Power Automate from a source whether that be a list item, dataverse entity attribute or other source and you want to compare it against today’s date or a date in the past/future, what options are available to you to manipulate that date? […]